Liquor recipes

Availability of a recipe of something you enjoy eating or drinking seems so exciting and convenient. Imagine availability of your favorite liquor made available to you on a platter. All you have to do is mixing a few liquids etc. and your favorite drink is before you in a chilled and fancy but appropriate glass to enjoy on a bright summer afternoon or a cool moonlit night or late evening. So here we go with some details.

Brewing your own simple liquor is easy and you can have your liquor catered made to your own taste – delicious!!

Liquor can be made with a mix of liquors and fruit juices and also just a mix of fruit juices. We shall enjoy both on this page – As you know sharing is caring. To mention a few of the common and known fruit liquors are Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Curacao (orange is the base juice in these.) Others are where strawberries, raspberries and cherries are the base juice like – Crème de Cassis, Liqueur de fraises, Liqueur de Framboise (raspberry) and Cherry Heering

A simple fruit liqueur recipe:

Fruit (berries) 1 lb
Pure Vodka (80 proof vodka)3 cups (710)ml If not half cup of pure alcohol made of grain plus half a cup of water
300ml i.e. 1 ¼ cup granulated sugar

Make it a point to first rinses the fruit in fresh water (berries.) The berries should be made into fragments. Place berries or whichever fruit you have chosen to your taste in a container and add the vodka. Close tight and store in a dark, cool place stirring for 2-4 weeks – once a week. Now after 4 weeks (the more mature the better) I mean the content not woman!! Strain through the metal Strainer.

Now transfer the sweetened liquor to a container for more ageing – this could be a glass bottle with a tight lid. Add 1 ¼ cup (300 ml) of granulated sugar to 3 cups (710) ml of liquor which is still unsweetened. Let it mature well for at least 3 months –more is allowed. Depends on how patient or impatient you are. Empty out the clear liquor to a clean and new bottle. If you have a sweet tooth, you may add sugar to suit your taste.

What you save you earn. If you like you can use the fruit to dish out a delicious desert.
Just mix the fruit in your ice cream or use it as a topping. The choice is absolutely yours. In any recipe let your imagination run wild.

Great liquor can be distilled in your home distillery even by using Essence. Liquor essence is a great ingredient for making liquor. You can use this essence to make delicious cordials and liqueurs. It is wise to use Essences in liqueurs that are not so easy to handle. Coconut, Almond, hazelnut and also some more difficult ones like banana liqueurs use these essences. Many good manufacturing companies like Gert Strand AB are supplying one of the largest choices of liqueur essences. There are some prestige essences and these have no fear of artificial aromas or even flavors.

So now you have the liberty to use good essences, distill your own flavors in your home distillery – know your limits and enjoy the liqueurs made of good liquor recipes – in the comforts of your own house. You do not have to wait for any liquor sale, or bother about the liquor prices. Sit in your liquor city and enjoy even online liquor, if you fancy. Cheers and a big bravo to all the liquor recipes!!