Alcohol Instruments

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Industrial alcohol fermentation

Distillation of industrial alcohol, which is normally not used for consumption, can be made in a two-step process. First, start an aereated fermentation and propagate up the yeast to 350,000,000 cells per ml. Then transfer this mash to a much larger batch of mash, where it is used as yeast. This gives a savings in yeast cost.

Temperature Tolerant Turbo yeast is excellent for this application, and provides the following benefits:

Ferments sugar, corn, molasses, barley, wheat, and similar

High osmo tolerance, stands 28% sugar or equivalent

High temperature tolerance, 39C for 14%

High alcohol tolerance, easily ferments to 16%

Faster fermentation, increased production

Purer fermentation, 1% less fusel replaced by pure alcohol

No wild yeast, no bacteria: always a good result

More information

The fermentation in the first tank is always made using 3.6 Kg Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast per 1000 liter mash. Then it is tranferred to the next fementer with much times more of the same mash.

The mash in Fermenter 2 is fed with nutrients as usual, and pH is regulated as usual.

Free Sample (commercial distilleries only)

Contact us by Visiting our Distillery-Yeast Helpdesk and ask for a free 90-gram sample. Try this with your own mash in laboratory scale and then contact us again.

We supply quality instruments from Germany. Our range is mostly aimed for smaller distilleries, since larger distilleries generally have their own supply of instruments or large laboratories with gascromatography etc. If you have a local small distillery or a micro distillery, you can manage with those instruments. The alcohol meters only measure mixtures of alcohol and water by recalculate the s.g. to a alcohol % scale.

Maximum thermometer +10 – +100C

Excellent accuracy. This thermometer shows the highest temperature achieved and stays there. Then one has to “shake” or “whip” the mercury down again, like with a fever thermometer. With this thermometer one can watch to see that the temperature in the fermentation does not reach killing temperature or pass “quality” temperature when fermenting wash or a base for alcoholic beverages. A good instrument for old traditional distilleries without the latest technology to make sure that the mash does not reach killing temperature. Length 20 cm.

Minimum – maximum wall thermometer

For room temperature. Check coldest and warmest temperature. Very good for monitoring air temperature in distilleries without fermentation cooling systems, to avoid reaching the killing temperature in the mash.

Distillation thermometer -10 – +110C

Calibrated at 78C. 1/1 accuracy. Length 25 cm.

Distillation thermometer+50 – +100C

1/5 accuracy (0.2C). Length 30 cm.

Specific Gravity hydrometer with Oechslescale

To check s.g. when fermentation starts, monitor fermentation and check to see that the mash ferments out. Length 30 cm.

Alcoholmeter 0-100%, 1/1 graduation

This aerometer measures the alcohol relatively well. It is one of the best 0-100% alcoholmeters in the world, German made, 30 cm long so the scale is long enough for good reading. Calibrated at 20C. Length 30 cm.

Alcohol Instruments

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